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Las Moras Paz Malbec

Fire up the barbie! This deep-purple wine has flavours of dark plum, roasted coffee and chocolate. Full-bodied with soft-textured tannins, this quality wine is a perfect partner for grilled meats and mild cheeses.

Find out where to buy Las Moras Paz Malbec here.

Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach

Naturally infused with whole raspberries and peaches, then blended with cognac and orange essence, this tropical liqueur screams summer. A beautiful rosé in colour, with enticing aromas, this treat can be enjoyed neat, chilled or on the rocks.

Find out where to buy Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach here.

Jose Cuervo Cinge

Joining the flavoured-spirit trend, Jose Cuervo Cinge is tequila infused with natural cinnamon. Using the brand's Especial Silver as the base, it's loaded with cinnamon flavour and a hint of fresh herbs from the exotic agave. Have fun creating cocktail recipes with Cinge's unique flavours.

Find out where to buy Jose Cuervo Cinge here.


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